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Hello everyone!

I feel like recently I’ve discovered that there are so many more cute places out there than I realized (which really excites me!). I’m constantly on this journey to find nifty places that spark my interest visually. Exploring, wandering, and taking in new sights. Perhaps you could just refer to me as the forever wandering gypsy!


“Eat Dessert, Be a Monster”

Am I the only one who gets major DIY inspo from all the places I go to? I am constantly looking for new things to try and make, so I make sure to stay aware of my surroundings. However, the question is a matter of being able to find the time to actually be able to do all the DIY’s I have on my list… as well as finding the room to put everything.


Our first stop of the day was to this little gem which is such a cute place that offers the deadly combination of milk teas and macaroon ice cream sandwiches.

I loved the interior covering the walls of this place (major props for making it brick!). We definitely enjoyed sipping on some jasmine milk teas while admiring the monster shaped macaroon ice cream sandwiches.

Can we just talk about their logo for a minute? I find it to be absolutely adorable.

This little mason jar was really not so little but super perfect. Probably the friendliest monster I have seen if I do say so myself.

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To end the day, we just had to make a stop at J Galt in Newport Beach. I have been dying to go there ever since I discovered their Instagram as they are a standalone sister store of Brandy Melville (Needless to say, I’m a little obsessed). I’ve known about this place for months, but it was not until now that I finally made it out there. Funny enough, it wasn’t even the clothes that lured me to this place. Rather, it was the amazing decor and cute plants… ironic… but not really I suppose if you know me.

11084406_10155308295600510_1995757987_nEven though I am probably the worst green thumb when it comes to gardening or anything that has to do with plants, it does not stop me from obsessing over them. Especially cacti and succulents, they are just so intricately detailed! I like love the little potted gardens that seem to be popping up everywhere. I’m not sure what the correct term for it is, but I’ll go with the urban garden. Even though this whole trend may have originated in a concrete jungle, I adore the look of it and there is something super appealing about it to me!

I think I’ll keep exploring.

Until next time…




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