Hi all!

As you can probably guess by now, I am quite into photography and capturing moments. I mean, obviously, I have a blog right?! I am one of those people who has no shame and my camera is constantly out snapping pictures. Well, as a result I have always wanted one of those instax cameras. The whole Polaroid craze is real, and I will vouch for those pricey pictures any day. Anyways, there were a ton of pictures that I have taken over the last few months that I really wanted to have prints of, so I decided to go with an app that would make them look like cute Polaroids.


There are tons of apps to choose from, from “Origrami” to “Kanvess” to “Polagram,” so take your pick. Ever since I’ve gotten my own cubicle I’ve been looking for ways to spice it up and make it more cute. Slowly but surely I have been bringing stuff to spruce it up. I thought the Polaroids would add a nice little touch. For this, I bought the crocheted lace from Target’s dollar section (that place is magic!), the birdie clothespins from Michaels, and of course some Polaroid pictures.



I thought this would allow my imagination to take me back to these places and back to these moments in which it was all captured. Here is the finished product–



In the flesh, and in my cube! Hope this may have inspired your decorating ventures a little.





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