The city never sleeps. 

Hello my lovelies,

Summer is now in full swing, and with summer comes this wandering bug that seems to take over and make you want to explore every cranny on this earth! I have never spent that much time in Long Beach before, but I happened to have friends there who were just the most amazing tour guides. I was surprised by how rich the culture is within this city and all the sights there are to see!     

The downtown area was hustling and bustling with people and tons of fun eateries and stores. But really though, could these flowers be set up any better?! Obsessed! 

And.. you know me. Whenever I go someplace new, of course I need to try a fun new coffee shop! No, I’m not too sorry for my obsession with coffee shop hopping. There’s something seriously addicting about going to coffee shops wherever I happen to be in the proximity of. In this case, the lovely Rose Park Roasters!   

 I had never heard of this spot before, but apparently Fingerprints is the scene for all you music-lovers out there! From records to books they got it all. It seemed like one of those places you could just hang out for a while at. Better yet, live music exists there every so often.

If you are going to have the honor of being around the area in the evening, going up to the skyline is a big MUST. From the glistening lights of LA to the fireworks exploding all the way at Disneyland, the view is amaze!   

Until next time..




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