concert of a lifetime. 

Hello loves,

If you have never been to San Diego, you are missing out. Even though I only live a short one hour drive from this beautiful city, I seem to rarely drive down and spend time in the area. Everything about the lifestyle to the sights are just so breath-taking. 

The coffee culture is strong, and so is my love for this wonderful place that I featured a while ago here on my blog. I’ll let the store-front introduce itself to you: 

 Oh hey there, so we meet again. Anyways, the real reason why I went down to San Diego was for the most amazing thing ever…. Not just any concert, mind you but TAYLOR SWIFT! I am the biggest Swiftie around and I could hardly sleep for weeks in advance just trying to contain my excitement!   

My friend from Seattle flew down and we were ready for the best night of our lives. We had time to kill beforehand which meant… Uh… Eating? Story of my life guys, I know you aren’t surprised.


We had no idea where our seats were, so we were in for an amazing surprise upon arriving at the stadium… Floor seats! WHAT?!  Shawn Mendes and Vance Joy were both amazing opening acts, but Avril Lavigne surprised us all and made my middle-school self swoon! She was my favorite back in the day as well.  

 Such a fun night was had, and I am SO happy I finally got the chance to see Taylor. All my Swifties unite and let’s be bffs. But like… Really.   

Until next time!




3 thoughts on “concert of a lifetime. 

    • itslenatime September 23, 2015 / 3:09 am

      Thanks girl! I definitely did!

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