take me to the north shore

Hello loves,

I have been majorly flooding Instagram with photos from Hawaii sooo I though it was about time to catch up with life to write about my trip! I am seriously  missing the tropical gorgeous-ness that makes up that state.  

As it was my first time to the island of Oahu, a lot of people asked me what I thought. Every time I replied with: 1) the water is so blue! 2) everywhere I look, everything is green! 3) it rains so much! (Because it literally rained every day I was there. Le sigh…says my tan)

One of my best friends lives over there, so she showed me all around the island and I was able to go to a lot of local places as well which I enjoyed more than the super tourist-y areas. Although I must say, Dole Plantation has instilled a newfound appreciation of pineapples within me. :p

From eating shaved ice with natural organically sourced flavors from The Local, to finally getting that Aloha mason jar I was obsessing over… 

Here’s a quick list of my highlights:

1. Walking the Waikiki Strip and happy hour overlooking the beach. 

2. Visiting the new Disney Resort Aulani (which is heaven on earth.. The coves are gorgeous!)

3. The perfect white sand and beaches along with sunset watching from the west side of the island every night. 

4. The Dole Pineapple maze in pouring rain and getting lost inside of it (but really, I enjoyed the train tour of the plantation.)

5. SPAM MUSUBIS!!!! And while I’m at it… Green Tea Cocoa Puffs!

6. Surviving the Crouching Lion hike and that gorgeous view from the top. 

Let the countdown to summer begin!



2 thoughts on “take me to the north shore

  1. lifeofaministermom May 23, 2016 / 7:52 pm

    Gorgeous photos! I’ve never been to Hawaii and the Disney resort is definitely on my wish list with my girls!


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