pacific city.

Hello friends,

Move over..there’s a new spot in town! I have heard so much about Pacific City ever since it opened, and I finally had the chance to visit and check it out for myself.

So so many cute places and good ideas all compacted into one location. I mean… how perfect is this champagne bar and flower shop!?! Too perfect.

Not going to lie… Philz Coffee opening there is really what nudged me to finally visit. I had heard so much about Philz and their amazing mint mojito coffees as it started up in the San Francisco area.

However, I never once tried it while living in the city as there were SO many good coffee shops to try out. I finally got to try their iced mint mojito coffee and it was minty heaven in a cup! Go try it.. you won’t regret it.

The perfect combination of eateries and hip shops, there was such cute and picture perfect spots! Pair that with a view of the beautiful beach and live music, yes…. it was perfect indeed.

Til next time…



victoria beach.

Hello lovelies,

I can honestly say that this year’s beach trips have been off to a perfect start. I have officially fallen in love with Laguna and all the secret beaches that encompass its shores. There are so many more that I have yet to explore this summer! 

Victoria Beach is one of those hidden gems that have not yet been taken over by crowds of people. Located in the middle of a neighborhood, this is more of a local beach which is SO much more relaxing! I mean, I could actually see the sand! Like.. Whaaaaat?! :p 

 The man-made pool right next to the shores had me reminiscing who built it and when it was built. So serene and peaceful… Until the huge waves crashed into us and brought me back to reality! Beware: LARGE WAVES! 

Until next time (don’t worry, I’ll be slowly working on that tan)…