succulent cafe


Hello my friends,

Well, the Holidays are officially in full swing! Thanksgiving weekend came and passed, and with that brought December into full swing (and possibly a few pounds from all that darn candied yams I had last weekend!).


Ahh, December. My favorite month of the whole year. Being a December baby, I always had so much to celebrate in this month in such a short span of time. You know that meme that’s floating around.. “I wish that someone would remember my December birthday?” Well yeah, but it’s hardly a price paid to be born in a month filled with hot cocoa and candy canes! Now I am starting to feel like Elf…


Anyways, this weekend I had the chance to finally go to the Succulent Cafe, a place that I have seen all over Instagram. Succulents and coffee are pretty much two of my favorite things…so I just knew that the combo had to be pretty magical.


Boy, did I walk into a magical kingdom of succulents! There were so, so many of them to walk around and see. There was a succulent Christmas tree and succulent ornaments, for crying out loud! Could nature get any more festive? I think not!


To adventuring to where you live and finding the cutest places ever!



adventuring Dallas.

Hello lovelies,
I can’t believe the end of summer has just about arrived. Luckily, the transition between summer and winter in California is basically non-existent, which equals more beach days! Can you say woop-woop? 

To me, this summer was all about seeing new places and exploring. Somewhere that I have been wanting to go for quite some time was to visit my best friend in Dallas, Texas. 
As soon as I arrived, we stopped by a country bar and I was greeted by some authentic country songs and Texan people. One thing I couldn’t get over was how FRIENDLY everyone was. I’m pretty sure I asked her why so many people were smiling and saying hi that I didn’t know.. Because in California that just doesn’t happen! I loved the friendliness of everyone there. 

As we knew that it was a short 2.5 day trip, we tried to fit as much activity and city-seeing in the itinerary as humanly possible! The following morning we made it out to a cute artsy section of town called Bishop Arts. AKA… Boutiques and coffee shops galore! I loved walking around this area and seeing all the sights this place had to offer. Every time the heat started to get to us, we would bolt into a coffee shop, my favorites being Davis Street Espresso and the Wild Detective. 

Next, we made it to downtown, and brunched-it-up! As I sit here writing this post, I am drooling over all the amazing food I had in this city. Looking back at all the pictures doesn’t even do it justice. The diversity and authenticity of it all was to die for! And of course, couldn’t leave without some real Texas BBQ…

I was so amazed by how many artsy walls this city had! Every building was basically picture-perfect. Can you say “blogger’s paradise?” Because no really, it was. If I lived here I would never have a boring backdrop!

Although I had so much fun seeing a new place and culture, it wouldn’t have been complete without my best friend by my side. Sometimes all you need are you oldest friends and conversations that last ’til the wee hours of the morning. It was so fun having a sleepover again, just like when we were young as it has been so long since our last one.   

Til next time…