That one really long road trip…


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Hello loves,
 I feel like it has been practically forever since the last time I posted! So sorry, you know how life just sneaks up on you. I was able to go to a place with the most beautiful and breath-taking scenery it’s almost as though life slowed down.  I was able to renew my appreciation for the beauty that this world offers.

 I know that even a picture couldn’t capture all of the grandeur… Which is why I created a little YouTube channel and my very first Vlog so that you can be right there with me! Yes, you heard me right…. So go and watch that Vlog of mine which I have linked right Here! Please don’t be too hard on me though, it was my very first one!  

Sometimes life just starts moving way too fast and all the days, months, and years blend together. It’s almost as if the days pass by quicker with each passing moment and the clock starts ticking faster. This week-long trip to Zion and Bryce National Parks in Utah definitely helped me take some time to contemplate and realize that our lives go only as fast as we make them.  It’s our outlook that molds how much we love life. Bryce was truly one of the most breathtaking places I have been, it makes you feel so small and you can’t help but ponder upon the history of such a place.   

As soon as we arrived, I could definitely tell that I was no longer in California! Everything from the weather, rocks, mountains, and most importantly.. Lack of ocean! I fell in love with some of the quaint shops in the small town right outside the park.   I seem to have caught the adventure bug, I can’t wait to keep exploring and see what other amazing sights this world has to offer.





Hello loves,

Recently I’ve been aching for a change of scenery and to just get away for a short period of time. Sometimes I feel like I am way too attached to technology (cough cough, my iPhone) that I don’t seem to appreciate what is around me.  

It’s crazy how a short one hour drive brings you to a whole different world where everything from the culture to surroundings can be quite different.

  So off we drove to Idyllwild. All I could think of upon seeing these horses was: “The Huns are coming!” 😛 Why, I do not know.

As you know I am a huge vintage fan, the cabin was filled with little trinkets and decor from decades ago!   

Doesn’t that just look like it’s been pulled out of a scene from the 80’s? Most definitely. There’s just something really comforting about things that remind you of your childhood. I would say reminiscing is one of my fortes. 😉 

Of course, my favorite part of the kitchen was this teal green stove and oven, that looked too cute too be real! Could it be a real life doll oven?! Or noooo.

As cute as this all was, I could not wait to go to town and explore the shops and sights! So off we went… First stop, gelato!

I loved all the shops made of wooden panels, and the hustle and bustle of the town. Let me tell you, I really fell in love with this…. Ready for it? PURPLE building! It was just so fun-looking.  It really was freezing though, which was apparent by looking around at all the people bundled in their finest winter attire. Did someone say North Face? Beanies? Knit scarves? Check, check, and check. What better way to warm your hands and heart than….. A good ol’ latte.

What I love best about mom-and-pops coffee shops is the vast array of people they bring in, especially this being a tourist town. I definitely spent a while sipping my perfectly brewed latte and people-watching.
It was great to be in a different world for a day. 🙂

Until next time,