oc holmies.

Hello loves!

Ever since I found out last week that Mr. Holmes Bakehouse was coming to the Tustin District, my inner foodie heart was oh-so-happy. Couldn’t. stop. thinking. about. their. pastries.


I was elated to attend their media event this past Thursday. Located in the Union Market, I finally have a draw to go there. I mean.. would you look at that sign? Say yes to carbs.

The packaging was too gorgeous with their classic “I got baked in LA” gold font written on the side of the boxes. Will we get our own Orange County packaging eventually? Only time will tell…


My favorites were.. the chocolate chunk cookie (because..duh), the matcha mustache cream donut (a grand opening special in collaboration with Milk Box Bar), their new salted caramel apple cake-like creation, and the ferrero rocher croissant (omgah whut?!).


So thank you, Mr. Holmes for moving in quick. I appreciate it.

I was also able to finish it all off with Milk Box Bar’s matcha.. which is apparently the “Whole Foods of the boba world.” All natural teas and boba that is not as unhealthy? I’ll take it. Seeing as I have boba cravings about every other day or so.. I try to limit it to 2x a month. Now I won’t feel quite so bad.


And with that.. I leave you with the motto: Do it for the ‘gram.




arm candy

Hi loves,

Longest time ever! This summer has been a whirlwind of events ever since my last post, between traveling to new states and old cities and all the fun events in between. 

I can’t wait to catch my breath and take you along with me on the next travel post that I do. Trust me, it’ll make you want to hop on the next plane over! 

I wanted to pop in and do a quick post on a few of my favorite arm accessories for the summer. And yes, this first one is a “timeless” piece. 😉

 I worked with Jord Watch which I am sure you have seen taking over Instagram lately with their beautiful wood watches. These watches are so well-made and of high quality, not to mention they are shipped in the nicest wooden box ya ever did see! My particular watch seen in these pictures is the Ely in Maple model. 

This next piece is the wonderful handmade Hawaiian pieces sold in Nalani Jewelry’s Etsy shop. I just can’t get enough of this Aloha bangle… All the summer vibes are taking me right back to that beach I was laying on like.. This morning! 

I hope you are all having an amazing and safe summer. But remember to relax and take care of yourselves too! I’ll be spending most of my days indulging on a refreshing and somewhat healthy acai bowl… 🙂



ft. Wooden Watches