Hello lovelies!
Once again, I found myself in North Park (the absolute best part of San Diego if I do say so myself!). For living a reasonable distance from the area, I really do not go there often enough. I absolutely love love love the culture of this city. From the people and the sights, there’s something about the laid back vibe that is an extremely fresh breath of air. 

This time around, I was on a mission. Pigment is a store that I had bookmarked to check out for quite some time. I squealed and jumped for joy when I finally laid my eyes on this beautiful wall they have outside.

Inside was even more beautiful, with all the cutest keepsakes and things you wish your entire life could consist of.  

I swooned over all the living cute plants, but I was absolutely obsessed with the photo booth they had set up imside… 1, 2, 3 *click!

I probably looked like a crazy person who couldn’t put her camera down, but I’m totally okay with that 🙂 I have learned to accept the truth! Plus, how else would I be able to bring you all along?! 

Surrounding areas include coffee shops with Dark Horse Roasters just around the corner. All the more reason to return…

Until next time..



down town.

Hello my loves!

Well, there is just something special about downtown areas. You know what I mean…I love how much there is to do, compacted in such a small area of space. It’s fun going to downtown areas of different cities to see the sights  that they offer.

I had been wanting to go to downtown Fullerton in just about forever, because there is this store that my friend told me about and ever since then I have pretty much religiously followed them.Oh hello friend! Yes, that’s the name of the most cutest, loveliest, *insert-every-single-descriptive-word-of-adoration-known-to-man-kind here.* I wanted to move every item in this store into my home.. Like, pronto.  

I also got to satisfy my sweet-tooth and enjoy the most delicious tea cafe I have ever really been to! I’m not a huge tea person, but matcha is my thing. Where’s it at? Tranquil Tea Lounge is where it’s at. And the only reason why I’m telling you this is because I’d love to see you there next time, obviously.  But really, berry matcha smoothies?! The quality of their tea was impeccable. You know where else it’s at? Bolu Bakery Cafe. Such a large coffee/bakery shop which has the BEST decor also. 

These stacked wall plants were the best. If only this was around the corner from my house.. Well actually good thing it’s not, otherwise I’m afraid I would be here way too often. 

I’ll see you next time,