Insta-worthy Phnom Penh Vacay.

Hi friends!

I was able to go to Cambodia this past week on a week-long trip. The last time I was there was over 11 years ago, so it was quite a shock to see just how much it has changed over the years!


Thankfully, one of my lovely friends moved back this past year and spent the entire year scoping out all of the cutest spots for my visit. Ha ha… just kidding. But she is a foodie and knows all happening places to go! I am seriously sooo thankful for that as Yelp does not exist in Cambodia!

I hopped off the plane in PP and headed straight to my hotel.. Kabiki Hotel. Located centrally in the middle of town, everything that I wanted to see and do was only about 15 minutes away.


I walked into this amazing oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of town. I had such an amazing stay here! It was definitely the perfect way to kick-off my stay in PP.

We wasted no time at all and headed straight to Seekers Gin Distillery – and had the best gin & tonic I have ever had! It had a hint of kefir leaf and wowweeee the flavor was amazing!



I mean..even the bottle and everything was so picture perfect. The taste was just as good!

Now there are starting to be some high-rise buildings that are appearing the the developing city. Trust me.. there were no malls or anything even resembling high-rise buildings a decade ago. To see the difference is astounding.

Rosewood Phnom Penh opened a rooftop bar on the 30-something floor. The views and whole bar had me feelin’ like I was in another country!


Alright… time to call it a night. The next morning we woke up and started our day off right. The picture-perfect Sundown Social (located right besides the Russian market) was definitely one of my favorite places. It was SO cute, the drinks were cute, and I had some amazing fried cauliflower bites. 


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Since no vacation is complete without lots and lots of food, we continued on to the next spot! This one was very healthy, with smoothies, bowls, and juices! There was even bottles of locally-made Kombucha (which has been my obsession lately). This was called Backyard Eats, which is located right by the palace area.

77E02D78-4473-4C02-8329-03FACFED070C8DFFDB53-2547-409B-A4D1-3450A8B6E834I hope you are able to check out some of these places if you end up taking a Phnom Penh trip! Let me know if there are any other places I should visit for my next trip there!





That one really long road trip…


Click here to watch my Vlog #1
Hello loves,
 I feel like it has been practically forever since the last time I posted! So sorry, you know how life just sneaks up on you. I was able to go to a place with the most beautiful and breath-taking scenery it’s almost as though life slowed down.  I was able to renew my appreciation for the beauty that this world offers.

 I know that even a picture couldn’t capture all of the grandeur… Which is why I created a little YouTube channel and my very first Vlog so that you can be right there with me! Yes, you heard me right…. So go and watch that Vlog of mine which I have linked right Here! Please don’t be too hard on me though, it was my very first one!  

Sometimes life just starts moving way too fast and all the days, months, and years blend together. It’s almost as if the days pass by quicker with each passing moment and the clock starts ticking faster. This week-long trip to Zion and Bryce National Parks in Utah definitely helped me take some time to contemplate and realize that our lives go only as fast as we make them.  It’s our outlook that molds how much we love life. Bryce was truly one of the most breathtaking places I have been, it makes you feel so small and you can’t help but ponder upon the history of such a place.   

As soon as we arrived, I could definitely tell that I was no longer in California! Everything from the weather, rocks, mountains, and most importantly.. Lack of ocean! I fell in love with some of the quaint shops in the small town right outside the park.   I seem to have caught the adventure bug, I can’t wait to keep exploring and see what other amazing sights this world has to offer.