succulent cafe


Hello my friends,

Well, the Holidays are officially in full swing! Thanksgiving weekend came and passed, and with that brought December into full swing (and possibly a few pounds from all that darn candied yams I had last weekend!).


Ahh, December. My favorite month of the whole year. Being a December baby, I always had so much to celebrate in this month in such a short span of time. You know that meme that’s floating around.. “I wish that someone would remember my December birthday?” Well yeah, but it’s hardly a price paid to be born in a month filled with hot cocoa and candy canes! Now I am starting to feel like Elf…


Anyways, this weekend I had the chance to finally go to the Succulent Cafe, a place that I have seen all over Instagram. Succulents and coffee are pretty much two of my favorite things…so I just knew that the combo had to be pretty magical.


Boy, did I walk into a magical kingdom of succulents! There were so, so many of them to walk around and see. There was a succulent Christmas tree and succulent ornaments, for crying out loud! Could nature get any more festive? I think not!


To adventuring to where you live and finding the cutest places ever!



mother’s day.

But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where yours began.


A big ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to all those who share the name.

I love how there is a day like this to really honor your mom and all that she’s done for you throughout the years. Sometimes it is so easy to take it for granted and not fully appreciate it. The older you get, the more you seem to appreciate and understand what all the title entails. Above all, it’s the love that a mother has for her child that is truly irreplaceable. Some say that you can never truly understand it until you have your own children, and I am sure that in due time I will be able to grasp how much this encompasses.


Both the dress that I wore as well as the cardigan are from Forever 21. I feel like the outfit was your perfect mix of casual and dressy, as I was out and about around town. I definitely do not like being overdressed, so the cardigan helped to dress this outfit down. The booties are from Windsor, and I absolutely love pairing them with just about everything. They are equal parts comfortable and cute!


I could not believe how the skies decided to clear up and allow the sun to shine brightly today! Especially after the cold and gloomy weather that we have been having lately. Here is a closer look at the details on the top of my outfit.


As much as people criticize and are cynical towards holidays as they feel like they are for the sole purpose of commercial reasons, I will gladly contribute my part to the economy and buy all the Mother’s Day cards and flowers in the world. You can win them all, I suppose! Once again, thank you mom for helping me become the woman I am today and pushing me to be better.

I hope you all cherished the time spent with your moms today.