summer time


Hi friends!

Summer is almost half over (which I CANNOT believe), and if you’re like me, it went by way too fast. With most of my trips happening in the fall, here are some ways to really enjoy your summer to the fullest:

1. Eat ice cream. And lots of it! I love celebrating all the fun foodie holidays that happen, and with National Ice Cream day last week, it was the perfect excuse. Throw an ice cream, eat a pint before that show you’re watching, however you prefer really!


What’s in my cone, you ask? Moose Tracks ice cream original flavor is the way to go. I got the original flavor which was super nostalgic with the perfect vanilla base mixed with chocolate!

2. Spend lots and lots of time soaking up the sun (with lots of sunscreen and a good book in hand of course). The beach, the pool, the park… enjoy that natural Vit D!


3. Go to a local winery or brewery. A lot of the times they’re super picturesque and a the wineries are a breath of fresh air. Yes I do like my grapes!



Stay cool!



blue skies.


Hello my darlings,

Being on the tall side for a girl makes finding dresses that are long enough quite a difficult feat. It seems like every summer dress made is created for girls closer to five feet, rather than us almost-six-feeters. As a result, these summer “dresses” appear to be more like a longer tank-top on me.



You know those 100 tall girl problems? Story of my life. Anyways, where I was going with this was that dresses seem to always be on the short side for me, which is why I am super loving the whole summer dress/knee-high socks combo. It conceals a little more of my gangly-ness (I’ve warned you before… I tend to make up my own words 😛 ).


This flowy spring dress is also known as the Jada dress. I love the pale blue coloring of it and paired it with some black knee-highs.


I explored this little downtown area where all the boutiques and antique stores captivated me for hours. I loved walking into all the little shops and seeing the cute things that they had!


Best of all, I finally got to try this ice-cream place that I’ve been dying to try. Let me tell you, it was out of this world! I could honestly say that I would be back a few times a week if only it were a little closer to home. With such unique flavors like lavender chocolate and olive oil vanilla bean, I will definitely be back to try them all. Of course I will also make sure to take some snaps of the delightfulness next time I go. I think I was a little too excited to try it.

Until next time…



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