spring trending.


Hello loves,

Well I have definitely been experiencing the side effects of spring. The time of the year where bees seem to be buzzing around every plant alive, allergies in full effect, and flowers blooming on every corner. With the seasons changing, there are naturally some trends that are appearing. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites.

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1. Heatless hairstyles. Everywhere I look, I have been seeing the half-bun. Is that what it’s even called? I feel like I make up my own names most of the time At first I was a little hesitant as to whether or not I actually liked it, but I think there are “levels” of the bun, if you will. The ones that are placed too high on the head are a big no for me, but I think the ones that are lower are a cute way of keeping your hair out of your face. Especially as it starts to get warmer, it’s so important to keep your hair healthy by not damaging it with heat products. I think the sun already does enough damage. Braids and side pony-tails are also pretty much a necessity in my book.


2. Lipstick. Okay, I wouldn’t exactly call this only a spring favorite as this is a crucial part of my every day makeup throughout the year. I have been loving more shades of pink than normal. The pink just seems to pair with this season perfectly. I guess I am diversifying my color collection and have been wearing more lighter shades than my normal red.


3. Halters. I know halter tops were in style close to a decade ago, so I am super happy they’ve decided to make their way back into my wardrobe. I always think it’s fun to have a blast from the past, so I am welcoming the halters and jelly shoes with arms wide open. I have been pulling out some of the halters I had from before but never got rid of (closet-attachment issues… I don’t want to talk about it) and they blend in quite nicely with today’s fashion.


4. Pastel Pink. In addition to wearing some pink on my lips, I’ve been really appreciating this color on articles of clothing. I would have to say especially with shoes. There’s just this very spring-type feel that comes with this color.


5. Food Favorite: Ice cream. I’ve been deprived of ice cream all winter long, so now that the weather has finally warmed up I can enjoy my first love once again! And yes, in case you were wondering… Salted caramel for sure.

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Favorite song currently on repeat: Little Do You Know – Alex & Sierra

So, what are your Spring Favorites? Let me know in the comments below!




Old Town Feels


Hello loves! Is it just me or are rustic places with that vintage look the absolute cutest? I’m not exactly sure how to pinpoint it, but what I do know is that there is something special about feeling like you’re a part of a place that has been around for longer than you have (aka a nice way of saying OLD!). All the memories that have been made there, the conversations and laughs that have been shared. It’s also interesting how you see things in a different light when you aren’t just briskly walking by, but actually take the time to enjoy beauty for what it is.

961643_10155288948595510_746533473_nThe outfit that I chose to wear was pretty fitting for the environment, in my opinion. I mean, those cowboy booties and barns just go hand-in-hand, am I right or am I right?!

I also paired it with my Brandy Melville shorts which are super easy to dress up or down. They’re basically pajama shorts but socially acceptable to wear outside (phew!) and are a basic essential piece to have.

I finished this outfit with a white medium length crop top which has some detailing in the front. Gotta love those details..they keep things interesting. 🙂


Sometimes you just need to step away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I love taking that time to slow down… and I feel like that is exactly what most of my weekends consist of!


So… I may or may not have gone a little nuts inside of this beautiful new place that I have been wanting to go to see for quite some time.

Every single thing about the decor inside was perfect! From the chalkboard walls, to the sparkly lit patio to the picture perfect furniture… I can just go on and on.

Um, can I just move in? Okay maybe I’m being a little over-enthusiastic, but I truly enjoyed the atmosphere inside.


Yes, please. I think the pictures give you quite a good idea of what exactly was inside those great walls. And to think there’s more that I wasn’t able to capture on film!


Well the day was beautiful and I enjoyed taking the time to slow down and take all these sights in. I hope you enjoyed coming along on this journey with me. You were there in spirit, at least.

Join me next time too, yeah?