augies x a la minute.

Hello loves!

By this time you should know that anywhere I go, I try to find a good coffee shop. To me that doesn’t always necessarily mean the very best coffee, but a good combination between #InteriorGoals and delicious caffeinated beverages.


Having lived in Temecula for several years, I can tell you that the one thing that was always missing there was a good coffee shop. You know, a place with good latte art and instaworthy photos.. (*cough* not Starbucks).


Ever since I found out that Augies and A La Minute were joining up and sharing a space in the historical buildings of Vail Ranch, I could absolutely not wait. But wait I had to, as it seemed to take forever to open up! Every detail from the hand-painted signs outside to the super cute interior is just perfect.



I mean, ice cream and coffee in one place is really a genius idea. I love the fact that they borrow items from each other to add to the menu. To name one, the affogato featuring Augie’s coffee with A La Minute’s ice cream.


This salted caramel ice cream was so creamy and delicious. I have  yet to try other flavors because I love this one SO DARN MUCH!


Anyways, that being said…you’ll know where to find me next time I’m in town!

Til next time…



victoria beach.

Hello lovelies,

I can honestly say that this year’s beach trips have been off to a perfect start. I have officially fallen in love with Laguna and all the secret beaches that encompass its shores. There are so many more that I have yet to explore this summer! 

Victoria Beach is one of those hidden gems that have not yet been taken over by crowds of people. Located in the middle of a neighborhood, this is more of a local beach which is SO much more relaxing! I mean, I could actually see the sand! Like.. Whaaaaat?! :p 

 The man-made pool right next to the shores had me reminiscing who built it and when it was built. So serene and peaceful… Until the huge waves crashed into us and brought me back to reality! Beware: LARGE WAVES! 

Until next time (don’t worry, I’ll be slowly working on that tan)…