city living.

Hello loves,

I think I blinked and a whole MONTH of the year went by! So happy 2016 and I hope your month was just the greatest ever. Getting back into the swing of things has taken about this long to work off all the good food and sights I took in while in SF.   

I’m not sure what else to say, except every place I got to go screamed “ME” so loud. The saddest part of being there during the holidays is that sooo many places I wanted to see were closed! I didn’t resist taking snapshots from the outside, though.   

I spent a lot of time in the Sunset district this time around. This was a first for me, as I had never really spent all that much time here. Let me tell you, nothing was missed by brunching at Outerlands or feasting at Nopalito.
Funny fact.. Coffee is an extremely serious sport here. I definitely forgot how snobby the baristas are in this city. For someone who frequents coffee shops as much as I do, yay for still getting put back in my coffee newb place!   

I am pretty sure I went to heaven when I got to go back to my favorite sports and DEVOUR! Salted caramel can never ever be beaten by Bi-Rite. I repeat, NEVER!  

Parting was such sweet sorrow, but I will be back. And now I have such a renewed thirst for adventure. This year will be a year of embracing the present day, and soaking up every single moment.

I promise to take you along to only the very best spots this year. 




clear skies.


Hello my loves,

I am here in the city, San Francisco, where it is c-o-l-d.. COLD! I guess I really have gotten used to the warmer SoCal weather. Everyone is bundled up in cozy scarves and beanies and I just really love the winter attire. After a year of being away, my heart is happy to finally be back in the city again!


I love taking in the city. All the various areas, the culture, the people, the fashion. I was worried that it was going to be raining the entire time, but so far so good. Of course, I had to play tourist and go to the bridge, and the skies were perfectly clear.

I have definitely been excited to go back to all the foodie places that I love so much. The food in this city is seriously just amazing. I guess you could say this is where Lena-the-foodie began.


Until next time….



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