new year, new you

Hello loves!

With the first month of the year almost being finished, I am still trying to get used to this whole 2017 thing! Something that I don’t usually do is make New Year resolutions. I don’t like to make promises I can’t keep.


One thing that I want to do is improve my physical fitness this year bc let’s be honest… running ain’t my thing. However, I usually like to go on walks to get myself moving.It’s always hard finding shoes that stay comfortable throughout the hours.

Not to fear guys.. I found them! I partnered up with Skechers to discover my absolute favorite from their new sport collection.


I’ll be honest.. these shoes are totally comfortable and perfect for any type of physical activity I may see myself doing in the near future. I may also have to bring them along on my hikes in Oregon coming up soon! And hey.. I totally look athletic.


They also have the cutest casual shoes.. these right here come with a whole lotta sparkly and a tiny platform heel. LOVE!

Til next time..



festival season 

Hi loves!

Festival season is upon us, and we all know what my favorite part is… The festival fashion! I love how so many pieces can be pulled from your closet and be magically paired together to make you “festival ready!” I’m all about the bold patterns and fringe this festival season.

I teamed up with Skechers to bring some festival fashion to life. Their new line of sandals are luxe foam on the sole… Meaning I never ever want to take them off! They’ve literally been my shoes of choice ever since I’ve received them. The versatility is perfect for the transition from that every-day to festive look.