long beach.

 Hello loves,

What better way is there to spend your weekend than exploring only the best places in and around another city?
(Psssst… Helpful hint: hitting up all the popular places during Super Bowl Sunday is the absolute best time to do so! No crowds! #Winning)

The city of choice this post was Long Beach! First place that I had been dying to go to is this gorgeous coffee shop that I had seen all over Instagram and had some major wall envy for.

The iced latte was so refreshing on such a blistery warm day (sorry all you people where winter is still in full swing!). Steelhead Coffee is the name of this gem.

Now that we were all pumped up on caffeine and ready visit all the cute boutiques and vintage stores in the area…

There are literally  vintage stores designed for us DIY folk!!! I left feeling so inspired and may have picked up a few items to DIY myself. Trust me… I will be back soon (once I am feeling super inspired by Pinterest).


Belmont Shores is a fun little street with a ton of eateries and boutiques that are just SO CUTE! These pictures speak for themselves. And yes, ice cream cupcakes do exist! Santa is real!!! I must go back again and try one real soon…

Safe to say, there is one artsy city that I have yet to not like! So many places to see, a day was hardly enough.

Until next time…



fair food is the best food. 

Hello wonderfuls,

Now I don’t know about you, but a fair is like a big kid’s playground. Yes, I am a big kid. From young to old, there are things to do and of course there is the universal item that binds all together: FOOD! I’m all about that foodie life and there are so many years worth of delectable items that I could eat every year until death… Or a heart attack from all those fried foods. Regardless, let me just name a few of my top items I need to try next year. 

A) Fried cheesecake 

B) Fried klondike bar (I mean, I’m already obsessed with the normal ones as it is, and fried icecream is amazing so I can only imagine what melty chocolatey goodness this could be!)

C) Smores covered caramel apple  

Oh hey, are your mouths watering yet?! I’m a little disappointed in myself for staying semi-healthy with the classic buttery corn. Anyhow, the fair is always a blast and I am oh so thankful to have gotten to go before it closed for the year! 
Now, if you’re anything like me (around 5’9… Aka freakishly tall for a girl…), dress shopping can be a nightmare. Dresses? You mean those things that seem to be long enough for everyone else but barely covers your behind and actually just looks like a t-shirt? Yeah, those things. Where do tall girls find a dress that is actually appropriately long enough? Never to fear, eShakti is here! This site allows you to purchase fully customizable clothing. All I did was enter in my height and size, and…. 
TA-DA! A dress that actually touches my knees! Uh… What is life right now?

  I hope you all are having the most delightful of weeks!