Hello lovelies,

Another month and another trip! This summer has truly been wedding season for me, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. This time it brought me to the city of Seattle which was my first time EVER there. I have really been wanting to go and visit for quite some time.

Thankfully, the skies were clear the whole time I was there. I’m not a huge rain person so I was crossing my fingers the weeks before hoping that no raindrops would fall. Although the weekend was filled with wedding fun, I was able to visit a few spots that I had been wanting to see.

1. Downtown Seattle/ Pike’s Place. I spent a majority of my time here, and I completely recommend it! It’s filled with the hustle and bustle of shops, businesses, and corporations, but it is also filled with culture and for such a large city I really did not feel too overwhelmed. Pike’s Place is a very well-known spot which definitely reminded me of a larger Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco. Be sure not to miss the fish throw, which I had only seen on a hometown date from the Bachelor prior to this. No shame guysssss.

2.  Moore’s Coffee. This has got to be my FAVORITE coffee joint in the whole city. Their latte art is phenomenal and the lattes do not cease to amaze. Horchata? Nutella? Mexican Mocha? They got you covered.

3. Of course, the famous gum wall! I have always had a fascination with this place and have been dying to go forever. Apparently when I went they had just cleaned up the walls so I could actually see the brick. What what! Located below Pike’s Place, the famous Post Alley sign is right there as well. 

My friend’s wedding was absolutely gorgeous overlooking the water in downtown Seattle. It was such a beautiful time spent and I’m missing this city already!

Until next time…


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