spring festivaling.

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Hello lovelies,

I feel rejuvenated and excited for the next few weeks ahead. My list of new and cute little sights to explore is growing exponentially longer each week! So be on the lookout for some exciting new places that I will go to in the upcoming weeks.


There have been so many new and exciting events lately that I have been going to for the first time. Something that I went to for the first time was… an avocado festival! Now I have never been a huge avocado fan. Yes, they are nice and green. No, Chipotle I will not pay for the guac because honestly…. I’m not a huge guac fan. 

However, when I was invited to this avocado fest, my mind started daydreaming about all the interesting combinations that I was sure there would be. The only interesting combination I saw was: Avocado Fudge. Hmmm… apparently it tastes no different than regular fudge, but it is a healthy replacement for butter. Who would have thought?! I was quite disappointed on my search with no avail to find avocado icecream! C’mon now, where were all the creative geniuses at? Avocado pudding, icecream, donuts… okay maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here. Anyways, I was surprised to see rather quite the normal fair-type foods. I thought it was quite funny how people were snatching up bags of avocados like they no longer sell them in stores.


As I have been on the hunt for a new purse that I adore for quite a few months, I snatched this purse up from my mom… or rather borrowed it from her in the meantime. It’s a never-ending search, really. Until I find one that I absolutely adore… this will be my substitute. 🙂


These shoes are the only pair of leather shoes I own, and I just love the cut-outs in it. I think it really adds so much and makes it that much cuter. They are just a solid classic pair of oxfords that are quite unique.


This outfit was pretty casual, but I thought that it was important to add a little cute accessory to my normal ponytail. I originally bought this as a bun accessory back when the sock-bun was at its prime, but now I just wrap it around my hair one extra time and voila! Just like what they are selling in stores these days.


I do hope you all have the best of weeks this upcoming week!




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